Be A Light


One of the most, if  not the most important questions posed to us is: what is your purpose in life? The answer should always be to bring light to others lives. Our purpose is greater than us as an individual; much more than gratifying superficial desires. I blog with the hope that my experiences and thoughts will inspire others whether it’s by evoking an emotion or provoking a new perspective. It could be as simple as a smile, a moment of your time or standing up for what’s right, one should always strive to be a light both personally as well as professionally.

          light: any act of kindness (UBUNTU)

The Spirit Of Ubuntu

Many people associate Africa, the Motherland with extreme poverty, oppression and calamity but what they fail to see is the inter-connectedness among the people of the various tribes. That bond they share shows us what resilience is, self reliance, the power of a strong intellect and the insignificance of worldly things. Continue reading