The Recipe for Sustainability

We grow up in a society where we’re taught to go to school, study hard, get good grades and find a good job. No where in that equation it says to be your own boss, we are conditioned to be consumers instead of producers. We must remember that although education has a vital part to play it’s only a fraction of the equation. The world isn’t what it was 25 years ago where there was less competition, the economy was booming and getting a foot in the door wasn’t as difficult as it is today. Continue reading

Trouble In Paradise

The love I have for my country is unwavering, that’s why it breaks my heart to see the current state of a nation filled with so much potential.

A government is a body that is elected to make decisions with the best interest of the people at the forefront. However, in the game of Politics, the players concerns are far from that of the people. The depth of corruption is endless and accompanied by a web of lies. It’s become a norm where they continue their exploits and we allow them to; a system dominant in the Quid Pro Quo philosophy. I am by no means implying that politicians aren’t going to have to bend some rules along the way; one can accept a means to an end that benefits the majority.

Most country’s GDP is driven by the development and export of natural resources, however, Grenadians have yet to see the importance of our spices. It’s like we weren’t the second largest exporter of nutmeg in the world; are we no longer the spice of the Caribbean? Who are we? And what do we have to offer? We have placed so much emphasis and have become dependent on tourism that we fail to realize that in order for the tourism industry to be truly successful  areas such as agriculture and health must also flourish. We must remember that people vacation on tropical islands with intention of having an authentic island experience. They have certain expectations such as being exposed to local delicacies, art and craft also the availability of proper health care services.

Good governance, environmental stewardship and economic development go hand in hand but we always tend to sacrifice one for the other. – L.Romain, conservationist

We’ve been living in a bubble where a lot of people have yet to get a taste of real life. For too long we’ve been living tax free and getting too much for too little. But how can one take care of themselves and their family and still pay taxes on a minimum wage salary? The economy will suffer especially with increasing unemployment rate. Too many people who can afford to pay for certain services take advantage and those really in need go unnoticed. A system that would curb this issue needs to be implemented e.g social security number so that persons aren’t mistaken for someone else which can be detrimental especially concerning health care.

We must preserve our cultural heritage; our monuments, especially those in the main town,  include Eco-tourism in our campaign, invest in our people, our resources and not let outsiders reap all the benefit.  People are going to have to take accountability for their lives; no more sitting back and expecting the government to do everything. But the problem is that not enough people care to be proactive and stay committed to the cause.

We have been led by notorious groups of educated fools who are incapable of running this country, implementing growth and sustainability. We have dug ourselves into a dreadful hole filled with debt, strained relationships and decisions made without any logic; such as the constant shuffling of ministers so that projects are never completed, strong-arming government personnel if they’re not a supporter of the ruling party and hiring people who aren’t qualified. The politics need to go! It’s evident that we need a board to govern the government. The system of political parties should be eliminated and an unorthodox system that allows persons who have experience in respective areas to be nominated and then the people vote for the person who gave the better argument. Also, no one person should be allowed to stay in a position for more than two terms.We need to take control of our country and not have to sit back and see it being sold off in pieces.

Modernization is essential to our development, despite being one of the remaining islands that hasn’t been a victim of over-commercialism. We’re too far gone to not consider other prospects even though it means ruffling the feathers of the holier-than-thou Christians. We need to keep up in order to compete on an international level and bring sustainability. We should be working towards building a nation that can provide its citizens with free education, assistance to the elderly and disabled and other privileges hard-working taxpayers should be entitled to.

Put the politicians on minimum wage and see how fast things change.

Earth Hour 2015


Climate Change is a phenomenon that we’ve been hearing more about mainly due to that fact that we have only recently started experiencing its severe effects. Some fools have decided that its all rubbish and humans have nothing to do with it. But you know better..I know better, and so, Saturday March 28th for one hour (8:30 to 9:30pm) all lights are going off as a way of raising awareness about climate change.

It’s important people understand the dire consequences of lack of action. We are the last generation that can do something but the window of opportunity is slowing closing and although we may not be able to stop it there are things we can do to slow it down giving us time to adapt and find alternatives.

It shouldn’t have to get to the point where our children and their children have to suffer for our actions. They should have the opportunity to experience life in its full glory as we have been so privileged to do. But politics as usual is the problem, everyone talks a big game but have nothing to show for it. How bad would things have to get for us to take it seriously? Let’s not forget that nature doesn’t need us, in fact she will thrive in our absence.

With that being said, how do you intend on using your power? You can start by joining the movement at and making a pledge. It can be anything, from restricting the use of plastic bags, using energy saving bulbs or simply turning the lights off when not in use. It’s practical!

I will be spending my Earth Hour in Grenada at the official event organised by Prickly Bay Marina in collaboration with Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN) Grenada. Find an event in your area and support, if there’s none, work towards organizing your own next year!

Climate change is not just the issue of the hour, it’s the issue of our generation. – Sudhanshu Sarronwala

Earth Hour shows what is possible when we unite in support of a cause: no individual action is too small, no collective vision is too big.- Ban Ki-moon