The Recipe for Sustainability

We grow up in a society where we’re taught to go to school, study hard, get good grades and find a good job. No where in that equation it says to be your own boss, we are conditioned to be consumers instead of producers. We must remember that although education has a vital part to play it’s only a fraction of the equation. The world isn’t what it was 25 years ago where there was less competition, the economy was booming and getting a foot in the door wasn’t as difficult as it is today. Continue reading

The RasTafari Movement

 Leonard Percival Howell is the founder of the RasTafari Movement centered in the principles of African Liberation, self-reliance, sovereignty and community. He purchased over 500 acres of land in the Sligoville mountains, St. Catherine, Jamaica called Pinnacle. Pinnacle provided a holy, safe space for ex-slaves escaping the trials of life on the plantations and looking for a sense of identity and direction. For 16 years, the hands and hearts of the people created a sustainable future through building, farming, creating art, sharing ancient sounds and memories, it was a utopia. Pinnacle was the bread basket of Jamaica during the 40’s, this was the first place ganja was grown and used for nation building and healing remedies. On May 23rd, 1954 the Colonial government executed a raid, seek and destroy Mission to separate the people and hide the history that these RasTafari people had found the Promised key to self sustainability.

These are the words of Donisha Prendergast, granddaughter of Bob and Rita Marley, who calls upon the Jamaican government to seize the sale and misappropriation of the people’s cultural identity. She is a committed activist in the Occupy Pinnacle Movement whose campaign is centered around stimulating the minds of the public on the importance of maintaining the integrity of that sacred land and restoring RasTafari to it’s roots.

I-Nation, philosopher and social activist, during a session at the Rototom Reggae University summarized Rastafari as “becoming the best of oneself…the highest point of your existence can be achieved within you”. Just as the significance of the word Pinnacle itself is “highest point”. He also made the distinction between the true meaning of Rastafari as suppose to what is portrayed today; there are other aspects of the movement besides Reggae music and the use of cannabis.

As always politics plays a detrimental part and its all about business. People who refused to be a part of the system are persecuted and denied their cultural heritage, of which “Brand Jamaica is a copy and paste of Rastafari livity”. I support any endeavor that promotes positivity. We must realize and adhere to the importance of staying grounded, working together to build a sustainable future. We don’t need all the technology, those before us managed quite well without it. We need to take it back to our roots; and appreciate life in its pure and simplest form.

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