Sweet Reggae Music

The term “Reggae” first originated around the 1960’s in Jamaica that had ties to the Rastafari community. Consequently, some of the worlds most famous Reggae musicians are Rastafarians and many of their beliefs are manifested through their music. Continue reading

A Musical Masterpiece: Distant Relatives


“Distant Relatives” is undoubtedly the best musical collaboration of its time created by two of the music industry’s lyrical geniuses. Each song has a message and collectively takes you on a spiritual journey; makes you see aspects of life from a different perspective and leaves you questioning. It entails topics such as Political corruption, poverty, violence, survival, the importance of seeking knowledge, Rastafari and Africa (The Motherland).

Jr. Gong is a great talent and is indeed the “Youngest Veteran”. His unique sound and flow gets you on a high. As for Nas, he has remained true to his craft and is one of the most underrated artiste. I admire the fact that his music is raw and a true representation of his life.

This album has gotten me through some tough days!

Now listen to 1 hour, 2 minutes and 25 seconds of good music and hold a Firm Meditation.