The Masters V The Masses

We wake up and proceed with our day without much thought of our reality. We follow a script; do what’s expected of us with hopes of being accepted into this twisted reality society has created. We don’t do any more or less than we think we ought to, just enough to portray a certain impression of who we want people to think we are. We desperately want to be accepted; and so we conform to the socially constructed ideals because that same society has led us to believe that we should lead our lives in ignorance.

Society places so much emphasis on economics, that more people are no longer concerned with spiritual growth but becoming the ultimate capitalist. We give into the propaganda and by doing so we enable them in maintaining the status quo. We give them the power not realizing that we are the ones with the ultimate power if we allow our minds to be weapons.

It’s a struggle between the masters and the masses. The Masses hide behind the curtains of religion while the Masters exploit their positions of power. Divided in classes, they (the masters) put us against each other.

They say go to school and get an education but it’s all a distraction; teaches you everything except about life. Yes knowledge is power but only in possession of qualified persons; those who take up the torch and carry it to the end. We are slaves to the system and the most terrifying part is that we’re oblivious to the fact.

It shouldn’t be just about survival but a fight for our rights, human rights and those of a people who are instrumental in the functioning of a society whose system is unjust…We matter. We have every right to seek to destroy a system that seeks to destroy us!

“Rebellion is when you look society in the face and say I understand who you want me to be but i’m going to show you who I actually am.” –  Anthony Anaxagorou






Rebellious Love

I wanna be your lover and bestfriend
The one you share your inner most thoughts and fears; a confidant
I wanna be your down a** chick, and feel your every joy and pain
On your worse day, be the only one you can bear.

We don’t have to be married, we can do it non-traditionally
like Cindy Breakspeare and Bob Marley.
I don’t need to be your one and only
All I ask for is your love, respect and honesty.

I’m not looking for the fairy tale ending;
with the white picket fence, dogs and the whole 9 yards.
I wanna have a part of you that’s ours
that genetically binds us for life.

I want being with you to mean much more than love;
Something life changing,
Give me inspiration, motivation and lifelong joy.

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