The Laws of Science & Life

Universal Law of Gravitation

States that gravitational interactions exist between all objects with an intensity that is directly proportional to the product of their masses.

Given that everything is connected to each other and the universe, this also applies among species. Everything vibrates at different frequencies which ties into the law of vibration and the law of attraction. Continue reading

Be A Light


One of the most, if  not the most important questions posed to us is: what is your purpose in life? The answer should always be to bring light to others lives. Our purpose is greater than us as an individual; much more than gratifying superficial desires. I blog with the hope that my experiences and thoughts will inspire others whether it’s by evoking an emotion or provoking a new perspective. It could be as simple as a smile, a moment of your time or standing up for what’s right, one should always strive to be a light both personally as well as professionally.

          light: any act of kindness (UBUNTU)

The Purpose of Education


The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and critically. Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education.

                                                                                                                                            -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr


I believe in a supreme being but not because any ancient scripture said so.
For one reason only, nature and everything in it, most significantly the human body.
Look outside at the trees, the birds and sky.
We live in a world where there’s beauty all around us.
The sun as it fades away on the horizon
the lustrous stars that brings light to darkness,
the glistening of the oceans crystal clear waters.
Nature is like earths poetry; she speaks to us.
When something dies, new life is formed.
One must simply adapt to any given environment.
Change is possible, but gradual.
Processes are continually occurring.
What would the world be like without us or us without it?
One with no substance; emptiness.
Nature sustains us.
She’s authentic and pure.
She can be sweet and endearing but when provoked can wreck havoc.
Nature is the ultimate masterpiece.
Like our bodies, so similar yet very unique.
The way each part of us serves a purpose and works as a unit;
an immune system that fights off diseases,
a brain that processes every thought and action,
a heart that pumps blood constantly
and life that begins with a tiny egg.
How amazing is the human anatomy.
Exquisite symmetry;
Gives us beauty, balance and sufficiency,
why do we have two legs and not three?