There’s no manual on living life — we just have to figure it out as we go, albeit there are times when we feel directionless. Experience however makes for a solid foundation; you have to be bold and stand by yourself and what you believe. Don’t be easily swayed by the small-minded. Continue reading

Reb3l ?

Free spirited
Open minded
Live in the moment
Soul adventurer
Knowledge seeker
Stand up for your rights
Unwavering in your beliefs
Head strong
Abundant perseverance
Breaker of barriers
Believer of love and selflessness
Nurturer of nature
Freedom of speech &
Power in the masses advocate
Revolutionary mindset
Accepts that everything in its time; destiny
The cycle of balance: the good and the bad


Being a rebel first and foremost means being yourself no matter the situation, without any conditions. It means not conforming to the ideologies of society, being open to new ideas. Understanding that we are all entitled to our own beliefs and we must be respectful of that fact. Fully enjoying life but never forgetting that the only life worth living is a selfless one. Being a true liver of life, travelling the world, experiencing different cultures and continuously seeking knowledge. Finding ways to connect to each other and the universe. It starts by loving and appreciating nature. Fathoming life is a balance. Move at your own paste, it’s not a competition. Do what works for you don’t formula your choices off of others. It means embracing your journey and not allowing others to take you off your path and accepting that mistakes are an integral part of life. Experience is the best teacher. how can you fear a situation you’ve never experienced? In life there’s no room for hypotheticals; it’s about the here and now; choices and consequences and living with it.


I No Longer…

I no longer tolerate the presence of those who don’t have my best interest at heart.
People who exude negative energy have no place in my life as they inhibit my growth.
I no longer conform to the ways of society in order to be accepted and/or validated. Through my spiritual journey I have realized that I should only be concerned with things that make me happy. It’s my life and I am the ruler of my destiny!
I have no tolerance for those who have no appreciation for nature and seek to destroy it.
I believe in a world of diversity; no one culture is superior to another. Arguments that are biased and simply lack logic enrages me.
I refrain from socialising with educated fools, and those who suffer from sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity irritate me.
I do not get along with those who are selfish and lack empathy. I believe in the power of love.
I have realized that patience is a treasured virtue and I refuse to waste it on things that don’t deserve the little i do have.
I have reached a point in my life where I’m learning to let go of the things that displeases me and accept the things I cannot change.

Inspired by Meryl Streep.

The Undergrad Experience

Over the past 3 1/2 years I have embarked on an educational journey that has impacted my life significantly. The tertiary level of education by itself is already stressful but when you’re a science major it takes on a life of its own and replaces the life you once knew. You not only have to attend classes but endure long rigorous lab hours. It has pushed me to the brim and unleashed strength I never knew I had. There were periods of isolation where I was only concerned with things that helped me pass exams and kept me sane.

 It is evident that the system is flawed; there isn’t enough time for one to truly understand and appreciate what’s being taught. It makes students more concerned with passing than anything else which in essence defeats the purpose of the experience. We go through the motions and at the end of it, all we have to show is a piece of paper that society says determines our worth.

I’ve learned that it’s not about how much you study, the amount of effort you give or how great you did in high school.  It requires a very unique skill set that allows you to stay ahead; recognizing when your professor is giving indirect assistance; being able to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and acting accordingly …do you retain more information in the morning or at night? It’s about finding flaws in the system that can be exploited while retaining your integrity.

 I have gained appreciation for general education courses not just because they boost your GPA but some have changed my perspective on life in the midst of all the chaos. The most important lesson of all is that you essentially teach yourself. It’s like being given pieces of a puzzle sometimes not all of the pieces and having to put it together within a specific amount of time. I am grateful for the opportunity, for I have accomplished something not many can. I am grateful for the people who I’ve met and the memories that will be with me for a lifetime.