The Laws of Science & Life

Universal Law of Gravitation

States that gravitational interactions exist between all objects with an intensity that is directly proportional to the product of their masses.

Given that everything is connected to each other and the universe, this also applies among species. Everything vibrates at different frequencies which ties into the law of vibration and the law of attraction. Continue reading

Change The World


We talk about “change” like we can speak it into fruition. But we sit back and say “I don’t have to make that sacrifice, someone else can”. If we all sit back and expect others to do what’s necessary our future will continue to look bleaker. It’s time to RISE UP!

RISE UP against Climate Change, Poverty, Racism, Gender Inequality, Sexual Violence, Unemployment, Health Care

An oldie but ever so relevant! The most powerful lyrics throughout the song:

And when you trust your television
What you get is what you got
Cause when they own the information, oh
They can bend it all they want




One of Us, One of Them

I don’t want to be a sad person
Nor do I want to be consumed with anger.
But there are so many entities in the world we live in
that evoke such emotions on a daily basis.
The single mother struggling to make ends meet.
The homeless man we disregard when we pass on the street.
We don’t need to look to Africa when there are so many people
right in front of us who need help.
The little boys and girls who are constantly abused as a result of society’s negligence.
Taking life from another human being over foolery.

People are no longer rewarded based on merit,
but through lies, schemes and unethical means.
To an education system that’s no longer about learning but getting ahead.
A government that tells you to go to college
but there’re no jobs and you’re left in debt.
Employers who demand experience but refuse to give you a chance,                              but expect a rose to grow from concrete.                                                                      Many people are realizing like myself,                                                                                that we have to make our own opportunities.                                                                  We can no longer depend on a failing system.

All these things truly sadden me
And its not just any kind of sadness, but one that dwells within my consciousness
And reminds me of who I wish not to be..
One of those “if it doesn’t directly affect me, I don’t care” beings.

Our society is in need of a complete face lift,
And we the young, intelligent, innovative minds are equipped with the necessary tools.
Our world can no longer be driven by the desire to make a profit.                                   But how do you purge that hunger away from billions of people?

Paradigms, Paradigm Change and Interpretation

       Paradigm for me is knowledge from events that have been translated into beliefs of different groups which they live by. They can be shifted or altered over a period of time and be passed down for generations. Many groups may share similar paradigms but the facts behind them may also be different. Overall I think paradigms give a different perspective of looking at things in life and can make a significant change in one’s life.

       Kuhn describes paradigm as theories accumulated from a group of scientists who individually shared how they perceived the world. He uses two theories, heliocentric; which states that the sun was the center of the universe and geocentric; which stated that the earth was the center of the universe to illustrate differences in paradigms. The geocentric theory was directly related to the Catholic Church. They believed that god created the universe for humans and therefore we had to be the focal point. They church felt obligated to maintain this theory since biblical scriptures coincided with it and they had to keep strength in people’s faith. The heliocentric theory was related to science and technology. The paradigm conflict came about when the telescope was invented which shifted paradigms from normal science to revolutionary science. People started to rise up and did things they would have never done. In the heliocentric paradigm the issue of what was” wrong” and “right”, “facts” and “truths” came about. There was no higher power to decide, it was basically who had the better argument and how many people were willing to convert, whereas in the geocentric paradigm everyone didn’t necessarily agree but accepted it.

       There have been so many paradigm conflicts with respect to paradigms such as education, culture, politics & religion, which have influenced communities worldwide since the beginning of time. From those experiences, people from different parts of the world developed their paradigms which in turn formed their “absolute truths”. It’ll be foolish to make assumptions and proclaim something as “truth” about events that happened 100 years before you were even born. Many paradigms have been passed down for decades and respect should be shown to all of them.

       My awareness on the existence of paradigm differences would undoubtedly alter conversations with various people. But as a scientist it’s always been instilled in me to be open-minded and objective, so it’s nothing new. Nevertheless, I would approach unbiased, cautious and with a “cool” demeanor. For there to be a significant or any little change in how the awareness of paradigms would impact my conversation with someone, firstly, there are some things I would have to improve on. One is being more patient (a virtue I haven’t mastered yet), and not interrupt every 10 seconds. Another, by being more attentive, though it may not be a topic of my interest or one that I even care about, but at least nod occasionally. I would try my best to refrain from derogatory statements and be mindful that many factors influence our paradigms, for example which part of the world we come from.

Kuhn, T. (1962/1996). “The Structure Of Scientific Revolutions” 3rd Ed. University Of Chicago. Pp 43-51