Sweet Reggae Music

The term “Reggae” first originated around the 1960’s in Jamaica that had ties to the Rastafari community. Consequently, some of the worlds most famous Reggae musicians are Rastafarians and many of their beliefs are manifested through their music. Continue reading

Marley 70

Today we celebrate the 70th Earthstrong of a LIVING Legend, and I say living because his legacy lives on and will grow stronger with generations to come. He was a man who used music, with his simple yet profound lyrics to make a difference in the lives of so many people. Jah knows his music has gotten me through some rough days! He wasn’t a perfect man or an educated man but he was however a selfless man who believed his purpose was to serve the people. A true soul rebel. In commemoration of his big 7-0, the Grammy Museum has dedicated February 6th Bob Marley Day.

For the week-long celebration, I dedicated some of my personal favorite songs for each day.

Monday: No Woman, No Cry

Tuesday: Zimbabwe

Wednesday: I Shot the Sheriff

Thursday: Waiting In Vain

Friday: Redemption Song

 Long Live Robert Nesta Marley

Rebellious Love

I wanna be your lover and bestfriend
The one you share your inner most thoughts and fears; a confidant
I wanna be your down a** chick, and feel your every joy and pain
On your worse day, be the only one you can bear.

We don’t have to be married, we can do it non-traditionally
like Cindy Breakspeare and Bob Marley.
I don’t need to be your one and only
All I ask for is your love, respect and honesty.

I’m not looking for the fairy tale ending;
with the white picket fence, dogs and the whole 9 yards.
I wanna have a part of you that’s ours
that genetically binds us for life.

I want being with you to mean much more than love;
Something life changing,
Give me inspiration, motivation and lifelong joy.

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