Change The World


We talk about “change” like we can speak it into fruition. But we sit back and say “I don’t have to make that sacrifice, someone else can”. If we all sit back and expect others to do what’s necessary our future will continue to look bleaker. It’s time to RISE UP!

RISE UP against Climate Change, Poverty, Racism, Gender Inequality, Sexual Violence, Unemployment, Health Care

An oldie but ever so relevant! The most powerful lyrics throughout the song:

And when you trust your television
What you get is what you got
Cause when they own the information, oh
They can bend it all they want






What an amazing documentary portraying ocean life, it’s beautiful but scary – from the mother-child bond to the predator-prey dynamic. It’s imperative that we show consideration to all the organisms that call the ocean home and keep it pollution free. I hope you are enlightened and intrigued as much as I was.


Earth Hour 2015


Climate Change is a phenomenon that we’ve been hearing more about mainly due to that fact that we have only recently started experiencing its severe effects. Some fools have decided that its all rubbish and humans have nothing to do with it. But you know better..I know better, and so, Saturday March 28th for one hour (8:30 to 9:30pm) all lights are going off as a way of raising awareness about climate change.

It’s important people understand the dire consequences of lack of action. We are the last generation that can do something but the window of opportunity is slowing closing and although we may not be able to stop it there are things we can do to slow it down giving us time to adapt and find alternatives.

It shouldn’t have to get to the point where our children and their children have to suffer for our actions. They should have the opportunity to experience life in its full glory as we have been so privileged to do. But politics as usual is the problem, everyone talks a big game but have nothing to show for it. How bad would things have to get for us to take it seriously? Let’s not forget that nature doesn’t need us, in fact she will thrive in our absence.

With that being said, how do you intend on using your power? You can start by joining the movement at and making a pledge. It can be anything, from restricting the use of plastic bags, using energy saving bulbs or simply turning the lights off when not in use. It’s practical!

I will be spending my Earth Hour in Grenada at the official event organised by Prickly Bay Marina in collaboration with Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN) Grenada. Find an event in your area and support, if there’s none, work towards organizing your own next year!

Climate change is not just the issue of the hour, it’s the issue of our generation. – Sudhanshu Sarronwala

Earth Hour shows what is possible when we unite in support of a cause: no individual action is too small, no collective vision is too big.- Ban Ki-moon

Is It Worth It? (Gunman World) Official Video


A song whose lyrics is relevant AND is accompanied by an appropriate video is very rare!

“And when a gunman makes choice
I wonder what goes through a gunman’s mind
And does a gunman think twice?
Before him takes another someone’s life?
I wonder what it is a gunman say
To the Father when a gunman pray
Does he kiss his kids to bed at night?
Making sure the blanket tucked just right?”

Good Music

Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley

Ghetto Youths International

Set Up Shop, Vol II

Drops December 23rd 2014

Caribbeans Deadly But Beautiful Underworld



It’s truly amazing to see the variety of species so deep beneath the ocean’s surface; although the conditions are very harsh, life can still thrive. the same structures(volcanoes, faults, trenches)  that can bring great harm to us is a home for them. The ocean is a world of itself.

On a less enthusiastic note, I don’t think we (Grenadians) are aware of the magnitude of the catastrophe Kick ’em Jenny WILL cause When, not IF it erupts. The mere fact that Dr. Ballard and his team are concerned about the impact it will have on North America, thousands of miles away should give us a vivid idea. Although there’s not much we can do since volcanoes are highly unpredictable we still have to be prepared.