The Upside of El Salvador

Crater Lake

Plant Sculptures

“The Rocky Path”


Santa Ana Volcano/ Ilamatepec

Sulphur Lagoon at the crater

In the clouds..

                Monumento a la Revolución (Monument to the Revolution) – “El Chulón”

Monumento al Divino Salvador del Mundo (Monument to the Divine Savior of the World)

Palacio Nacional (The National Palace)

Catedral Metropolitana (Metropolitan Cathedral)

National Police Headquarters

Monument to the fallen soldiers


The West Indian Lifestyle: Deadly Diet

A healthy lifestyle not only involves eating healthy but exercising and doing anything that promotes a happy mindset. “Your mental health, emotional health and spiritual health are all just as important as your physical health.”

We in the caribbean are plagued by diabetes and heart disease; albeit some are hereditary. Our diet is filled with fatty foods high in cholesterol that when coupled with no exercise is a recipe for disaster. We do everything in excess – there’s no balance.

There are those who are pre disposed to obesity and other diseases due to genetics and yet live completely care free when they should to be more mindful of what they put into their bodies.

Eating unhealthy is very easy especially considering it’s cheaper and easily accessible. But with commitment one’s lifestyle can drastically be changed by simply starting a home garden. We are very fortunate to have fertile lands that bless us with a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

We are a people who find any and all reason to fete and have a cook up; for e.g boat launching event, a custom in Carriacou which involves the killing of goats and sheep. It’s a massive feast. We eat what we want when we want but aren’t prepared to suffer the consequences- then are quick to blame medical practitioners when things get bad after refusing to get medical check ups. There are those who wait until their condition has deteriorated to the point of no return then there’s nothing that can be done medically. Yes, we all have to die but don’t let it be torturous- you should be able to enjoy life to the fullest and not be ruled by a disease.

They say we are what we eat and what we put into our bodies is a reflection of our overall state of being. With the deplorable state of our healthcare system, we should be more motivated to conform to a healthy lifestyle.

The Laws of Science & Life

Universal Law of Gravitation

States that gravitational interactions exist between all objects with an intensity that is directly proportional to the product of their masses.

Given that everything is connected to each other and the universe, this also applies among species. Everything vibrates at different frequencies which ties into the law of vibration and the law of attraction.

Newton’s Laws of Motion

The 3rd law states that For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That is, for every force applied to an object or surface, that object pushes back with equal force.

Actions have consequences and we have to answer for our actions when we fall short in our judgment.The universe has a duty to maintain a balance so we must follow suit and maintain a balance in every aspect of our lives. As mush as we work we must find time to enjoy the reaps of our labour. 

Laws of Thermodynamics

The first law states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only change form or be transferred from one object to another.

There comes a point where everyone dies, the physical body can no longer perform essential processes. The divine part of our being, most commonly referred to as our soul, however, transcends scientific explanations. It lives on.Destruction of the flesh is not the ending of life”. Like energy is never lost but changes from one form to another and the existence of different planes/dimensions, so too is life.

Einsteins Theory of General Relativity

The first part of the theory states that the laws of physics are the same in any inertial reference frame – (what a person considers to be at rest). In other words an object can be considered to be in motion relative to something else for example:

reference frame: the universe; constant: sun; moving: earth

It also says that every time you measure an object’s speed, its momentum, or how it experiences time, will always be measured in relation to something else.

The second says that the speed of light is the same no matter who measures it or how fast the person measuring it is going.

Everything in nature shows us that change is constant, gradual but constant and with change comes evolution and so we must evolve as a species physically and intellectually. It’s amazing the diversity in the customs and beliefs of the people throughout the world. Let’s take for example funerary practices: according to Herodotus, the Callatians ate the flesh of their fathers. To them this could have been a sign of respect and a means of staying connected to them. Given that interpretation the cremation of the dead, as the Greeks did would be unacceptable, therefore, “Right” and “wrong” is relative to the paradigm with which you’re using.

Charles Darwin Natural Selection and Evolution

Darwin’s theory of evolution entails three fundamental ideas.

  • Species (populations of interbreeding organisms) change over time and space.

    Human Beings change more so during the early part of their lives and evolve over a long period of time. The fundamentals of who we are (character) ultimately remain the same but ideologies change as we find ourselves.  

  • All organisms share common ancestors with other organisms.

    We’re all connectedEverything on earth is connected to each other and to the rest of the universe. Look at the Human Genome Project, we’re not nearly as complicated as we thought; we share much of our genome with many plants, worms etc.

  • Evolutionary change is gradual and slow.

    Anything worthy or good in life takes time to achieve. 

Most people may be familiar with the phrase “Survival of the fittest”, however Darwin’s definition of “fittest” means most suitable for survival in the immediate environment. The mechanism by which population adapt and evolve is called natural selection. It can be broken down into 5 steps V.I.S.T.A.: Variation, Inheritance, Selection, Time and Adaptation

Each person is unique and designed for different things in life and even if we’re not suitable for a position which we desire or considered most desirable by society, doesn’t mean we’re useless. We all have a purpose. For example not everyone is cut out to be doctors or lawyers but have the aptitude for working with their hands. 



Levera National Park

The Levera National Park is located in the historical parish of St Patrick. It encompasses 450 acres which consists of beaches, pond, hiking trail and spectacular views.

Levera Beach is a popular location where leather back turtles come to lay their eggs between the months of April and July. Did you know that Leatherback turtles travel thousands of miles per year to return to their original place of birth to lay their eggs? Yup, Mother Nature never ceases to amaze!

One of the most scenic views in Grenada is atop Rose Hill, where you have a breathtaking view of the entire park, which includes the pond, the beach and the neighbouring islands; Isle Le Ronde, Sugar Loaf, Green Island and Sandy Island. If you’re up for a challenge, you can take hike trail to the top.

Lastly, the Levera Bird Sanctuary is the home to a large mangrove swamp and a variety of important bird species.

Panoramic – L-R : Sugar Loaf, Green Island, Sandy Island

Sugar Loaf Island 

Isle Le Ronde – In the distance

Levera at Day – View from Rose Hill

Levera At Dust – View from Rose Hill

Autumn Leaves

Look Out Hut 

Vintage Reflections: Dunfermline Estate

The Dunfermline Estate is situated on an enchanting hilltop in the Dunfermline, Moya area of St Andrew with perhaps the best panoramic view you will find. The property is adorned with beautiful flowers and an immaculate lawn. The majestic entrance is lined with Royal Palm Trees on both sides; their height signifying longevity. This property known as “The Cottage”, rich in history and full of potential is on the market for US$1.3M.

Blue Skies x Palm Trees



Great House

Millennials and Minimalism

In recent times, the double M’s – Millennial and Minimalist have received tremendous attention with regards to how their beliefs can significantly affect economic and social structures.

Millennial is a demographic classification which represents persons born between 1980 and 2000. Millennials or ‘Generation Y’ grew up in a time of rapid change with technology playing a key role. Globalization and the unstable economy has resulted in a drastic shift in ideals compared to previous generations. Priorities are different. Millennials are more career oriented, and the situation has left us in a position where we have to be innovative as a survival mechanism. The focus isn’t just the here and now….it’s 50 years from now. We’re in an innovative era driven by visionaries and the key is finding a way to harness all of the potential into something positive for future generations.

They not only promote and seek to attain a healthy lifestyle but are advocates for a healthy planet. This healthy mind set have had a tremendous impact on the economy in that there have been an increase in vegan markets & restaurants, exercise videos and equipment. People are realising that millennials are willing to spend money on keeping fit and eating healthier.

Minimalism is a movement which promotes conscious living. It prompts persons to examine their lives and reassess their priorities, focusing on the things that add value to their life. It helps one attain true freedom; freedom from the things that keep us in chains. There’s nothing wrong with having possessions but understanding they don’t define your existence or purpose. Idea of being more with less and building on that to attain a fruitful and meaningful life. The minimalist concept can be applied in different areas of life such as art.

Both concepts tie into being more conscious and not being consumed by the superficial things in life. Although we are a generation of consumers, we are not as prone to being ruled by it, instead finding ways to use it to our advantage.

Read more on minimalism here

Articles on Millennials: Millennials V Gen Z , Millennial Economy

Healthy State of Mind

When most people think about health, their first thoughts involve the physical and not the psychological. Mental Health is an overlooked area in the healthcare system when it should be at the forefront.

Mental Health is “a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.” – W.H.O

A Healthy mental state allows one to live life to the fullest extent. It’s 2017, and the stigma of being deemed ‘crazy’ is still alive and well, so much more prominent in smaller island states. Negative stereotypes have a grave impact on persons who have mental health disorders which discourages them from seeking help.The idea of taking medication for your mind is a difficult concept to digest but in some cases it’s not necessary, it’s just a matter of counselling and emotional channelling.

Mental Health Awareness

The public must be sensitized about the importance of mental health so that they understand and are not quick to judge. A well equipped facility or ‘Safe Haven’ needs to be established where persons can feel comfortable in seeking help.

Employers need to provide workshops on stress management, and other activities that help in creating and maintaining a healthy, productive environment. It’s important to educate our children on self development skills; ways to cope with life stresses, so that they are prepared. Too often we let our emotions get the best of us which results in situations that are highly consequential.

The Connection

Depression is perhaps the most common mental illness which can recur multiple times throughout a person’s life. Although it’s manageable, lifestyle changes are necessary in preventing relapses. These changes can be simple as staying away from certain people or environments.

Most people are oblivious to the fact that by treating mental illness, other physical health issues can be prevented. For example persons who suffer from depression are at risk for gastrointestinal issues, cardiovascular disease and strokes. In summary, the brain and the body are connected.

There is a lot of work to be done in shaping an accepting society which will go a long way in helping with it’s management.

Vintage Reflections: Hermitage Estate

It was definitely an adventure exploring this Plantation Estate, particularly the interior of the Great House. The steps and flooring were very fragile so we had to proceed with extreme caution. I really admire the architecture of these houses, in this case the external brick structure.

You’re bound to find palm trees on plantation estates

Great House

The Interior Details

Slave Pen

Referendum Debacle – My Two Cents

Taking it back to some 6 months ago when the hot topic was Grenada’s first ever referendum which resulted in the rejection of all 7 proposals.

Persons Voted: ~23,000

Registered Voters: 71, 241

First Edited: October 2016

In the last couple weeks, as the referendum date approached there has been so much uproar surrounding the bills particularly Bill No. 6 (Rights & Freedoms) on gender equality. Some people believe and are leading others to believe that voting yes on bill no. 6 would make way for the legalisation of same sex rights/marriage. The level of ignorance is astonishing, to the point where persons are actually urging others to vote no on the bills up for amendments.

In my opinion the confusion stems from the fact that the bills, like so many other existing pieces of legislation are either vague or ambiguous when in fact they should simply get to the bottom line.

How can we expect people to vote to make amendments to the constitution when they don’t even know what the existing one states? Although there have been attempts in the last couple years to engage the public in the process, many people simple don’t care or understand the importance of knowing their rights. The question is – how do we get them to care?

For the people who prefer to engage by doing research in their own time would come across the issue of copies of the constitution not being readily accessible…(we don’t even have a public library where one can go in and read about our history). I am an educated person however I find it rather challenging to understand the language in the constitution, so what about the people who aren’t literate? The content needs to be written in the simplest possible form so that one can read and comprehend comfortably.

The most vital question of them all is : Does this really mean change or are we just making amendments so that these bills can not be enforced like so many already in existence? Yes! it’s a step in the right direction as an independent nation, but we need to be consistent in enforcing all laws equally.


Magazine Inspired

Magazine Beach is another beautiful beach along the strip of beaches that include Portici beach and Parc a Beouf Beach a..k.a Dr. Grooms beach. Given that there has been severe damage to the coral reefs along this beach, it’s waters produces high waves somewhat good for surfing. If riding waves isn’t your fancy, this beach is popular to locals for having BBQ’s or cookouts particularly on public holidays.


    “You don’t get into something to test the waters, you get into things to make waves.”

img_2192                   “Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.


img_2246                          All will stop and stare in wonder at Jah’s creation..

Why Aren’t We Protecting Our Children?

Did you know that in Grenada within the last year over 500 children were infected with STDs as a result of child sexual abuse?  A staggering number for such a small nation which makes it even more devastating. There is very little distinction lately between mother and child (babies are making babies) which results in lack of good judgment and guidance (eg. mothers/guardians of victims are in-denial)

It’s a sick cycle of victimisation that’s heartbreaking yet conflicting because in most instances the perpetrators themselves were once victims. Also, there are so many laws in place that are not being enforced. It’s a combination of the different agencies (governmental and non-governmental) and the public not doing their due diligence. For example by not seeking alternative ways to accommodate victims instead of returning them to their homes with their abusers who are then murdered by said abuser like in the case of Britney Baptiste. And even if they are sent back to their homes the situation needs to be monitored!  Now I am sympathetic to the fact that these agencies are stretched thin; limited man power, but that’s not acceptable we must do better. There are so many organisations dedicated to sexual violence (GNOW, GLACC, GNCRC, IADGO, GHRO) and together with the CPA, Ministry of Social Development and the RGPF I am confident they can find a way.

October is the month of the child and this year’s theme is ‘Sexual Abuse is Real. Protect Our Children’. In recognition of the theme, there are events being organised to bring awareness to sexual abuse, it’s detection and prevention. The Heal With Hope Foundation will be having an outdoor awareness concert and march on Friday the 28th October (Fish Friday) at the Cuthbert Peters Park from 6pm. The also march will start from the park to The L’anse following the concert. Optimum Entertainment in collaboration with Den Productions will also be having a walk entitled “Take A Stand” on Thursday October 20th at 11am from the Grand Anse basketball court to the Morne Rouge Playing Field. There will be 50 children from each primary school represented in the march as well as IMANI trainees.This will be preceded by a concert. Also, on November 1st at The Grenada Youth Center starting at 5pm, sexual abuse survivor Michelle Alexander will launch her book ‘Helpless Cries’; an account of her experiences.

You may know someone who is being sexually abused. Take a read and know the signs–>


A Secluded Gem : La Sagesse

When visiting the Spice Isle there are many accommodation options, however if you’re looking for something quaint, romantic, secluded, affordable and with a beautiful view La Sagesse Hotel is perfect for you. The main building referred to as ‘Manor House’ is of colonial style and housed the first two rooms when the current owners just bought it. The La Sagesse Bay waters is one of the shallowest and calmest on the island.


Manor House


There’s something very captivating about coconut trees.


     Just ‘hanging around’. A hammock is a must-have when you live on an island!


‘Post Up’. Behind me is the Restaurant and Bar.

Change The World


We talk about “change” like we can speak it into fruition. But we sit back and say “I don’t have to make that sacrifice, someone else can”. If we all sit back and expect others to do what’s necessary our future will continue to look bleaker. It’s time to RISE UP!

RISE UP against Climate Change, Poverty, Racism, Gender Inequality, Sexual Violence, Unemployment, Health Care

An oldie but ever so relevant! The most powerful lyrics throughout the song:

And when you trust your television
What you get is what you got
Cause when they own the information, oh
They can bend it all they want




The Recipe for Sustainability

We grow up in a society where we’re taught to go to school, study hard, get good grades and find a good job. No where in that equation it says to be your own boss, we are conditioned to be consumers instead of producers. We must remember that although education has a vital part to play it’s only a fraction of the equation. The world isn’t what it was 25 years ago where there was less competition, the economy was booming and getting a foot in the door wasn’t as difficult as it is today.

It’s time we take a different approach and it starts with social entrepreneurship. We need to look at the bigger picture and not take the easy path. That involves exploring alternative ways that pose less environmental, social and economic threats.

There are so many young people who go off to study and never return because there’s nothing to return to. But we are the ones (Young Adults) who have to take on the task of developing our nation, ensuring sustainability for future generations. The focus shouldn’t just be about living in the ‘here and now’. Think beyond!

Times are getting more tough, cost of living continues to increase while wages remain stagnant .We need to invest in our natural resources and stop importing things that we can produce ourselves. Nutmeg and Cocoa grow with ease, rich soil that facilitates their growth yet we do nothing to capitalise on it. (FYI We were once second to Indonesia in the export of nutmeg). Yes, agriculture is a sector plagued with huge loses however the rewards in the end will be great. Another viable investment is the renewable energy industry. GRENLEC has made a huge step in that direction with their going green initiative and solar projects. Protecting our environment is a significant part of sustainability.

We simply cannot depend on tourism. We look at countries such as Jamaica that strive on tourism however we are NOT a developed nation and so what works for them will not work for us. Also, they don’t just depend on tourism but capitalise on natural resources (bauxite) and the manufacturing industry.

I recently started the process of starting a business, I’m still in the early stages; (combing through ideas to determine which one’s feasible) and I reached out to the Grenada Industrial Development Cooperation (GIDC) for assistance. I’m so thrilled to see that there’s a government institution dedicated to business development.

In order for our businesses to thrive the country on a whole needs to thrive. We have to work together for any substantial progress to be made.