Island: Antigua

Nickname: The Land of Sea and Sun

Sister Isle: Barbuda

Known for: Black Pineapples - native to the island and is claimed to be 
           the sweetest

Fun Fact: the island boasts of 365 beaches - 1 for each day of the year 
          and aptly coined the "land of sea and sun"....should be sand 
Cool Spots: Touloulou Bar & Restaurant, Beach Limerz

Local Beer: Wadadli

Good Food: Cool Runnings Restaurant

Shirley Heights Lookout – overlooks English Harbour (also the name of the local rum) and Nelson’s Dockyard

Shirley Heights – the other side

Stingray City: a designated shallow area where trained, friendly stingrays reside; and they stay not because they’re caged but because they’re fed three times a day. The water is about 4 feet deep allowing persons to stand and interact with the stingrays.

As close as I got have gotten…will surely return.

Stingray City: teal arrows show both eyes and the mint green indicates the mouth which is below.

        Devil’s Bridge – a natural arch created by the action of the sea. It features blowholes that shoot up water from the raging waves.

The Raging Water

Devil’s Bridge: grey arrow shows the actual bridge. Some even dare to walk across it..

Betty’s Hope – historic sugarcane plantation no longer operational.

Fort James Beach – a short distance from Beach Limerz

Pineapple Beach Club overlooks Long Bay

Trunk carving at Long Bay

Beach Limerz – a popular spot

Sunset Lover

A wooden flowered canopy makes the perfect backdrop.

I was really captivated by the capital city of St. John’s particularly the Cruise port terminal. Everything is so well put-together-  “prim and proper” with the highlight being a board walk along the boutiques.

Had the opportunity to experience the Antiguan nightlife which was highlighted by my first time in a strip club….X4 – let’s just say it was quite an experience that can be compared to “Bar hopping”.

P.S – For the past year I’ve been on a little hiatus trying to navigate through life and figure out my next steps.One of those steps has been to be an entrepreneur so I’ve been trying to “set up shop”. On top of that and work, I started back school; so bare with me….


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