Day 3

Island: Sint Maarten (Dutch)/Saint-Martin (French)

Known as: The Friendly Island, "Land of Salt" & the 
          Culinary Capital of the Caribbean

Popular Spot: Maho Beach for airplane watching

Known for: being the island with a unique status..... 
           one landmass divided between two nations

Shopping: TAX FREE - Lacoste (Marigot), Michael Kors, Hublot, Pandora
Currency: Dutch - Antillean Guilder, French - Euros
Status: the island was severely destroyed by Hurricane Irma in 2017 but 
they're rebuilding slowly but surely. It's still a beautiful destination.

Interesting Facts:
  • Law enforcement on the Dutch side aren't allowed to 
    enter the French side and vice versa.
  • Most people have two cellphones; one Dutch and the other French 
    that's because if you make a call to the Dutch side from the French 
    side it's considered an international call.
  • There is no physical barrier between the two. You can freely drive 
    around the entire island, which is 88km².
  • Over 300 restaurants & 110 Nationalities
  • The Club Orient Resort is the only nudist beach resort on the 
    island and is located at Orient Bay, French W.I.

View overlooking Marigot, Capital of Saint-Martin, French W.I

Cutest lil’ bakery

Maho Beach – Princess Julianna Airport

Carousel Gelateria Bar – Phillipsburg, Sint Maarten


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