Vintage Reflections: Rome Museum

Rome Museum – located in Walker, Plaisance Saint Andrew was founded by Joseph Rome which was inspired by a school project when he was a boy. The museum contains a wide range of relics used in the early years and some of Grenadian significance. A lot of the displays are recreations which are very realistic, for example the display of how wood was sawed and, the insects in and around the latrine. It truly gives a profound appreciation of how our ancestors lived. Other items gives us an idea of how far we’ve come technologically.

Welcome to the…..

When your god kids make the perfect prop .;

Homemade Scooter. Gone are the days when children make their own toys.

L. Camera R. Videocameras

Before computers there were…..

19th Century Telephone

Orange Arrows – Kerosene Lanterns

Yellow Arrow – L. 20th Century Payphone R. 20th Century Telephone

Blue Arrow – Copper Plate Roofing Writing Board

Domestic Gas Iron

Goose Tailor Heater Iron

L. Outside of iron R. Inside of iron showing coals used for heating

The lower class made their own shoes.

Leave your dirt outside!


Old Fashion Oven

“Modern” Oven with Cooker

When chilled drinks were a luxury

The extensive noise and cleaning required was a small price to pay.

Childrens’ Lunch Carrier. The separations are different compartments.

Cake Mixer

Carib Stones. Crafted by the Caribs, who once inhabited the island.


Pit Latrine – a hole in the ground used as a toilet. Insects and other animals would congregate which made it frightening during the night.

The set up for wood cutting, a task that was very technical and lucrative.

Burial Ritual of the lower class.

As a form of punishment for talking to boys, girls were placed on their knees on a grater.

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