Mount Edgecombe Estate

From the moment I saw pictures of thin the lush green hills of Nettle Point of St. Mark lies a hidden gem. Established in 1763, it is one of the few plantation estates still in operation, and it’s picturesque antique beauty has been retained. It’s quiet surroundings makes it the ultimate getaway from the every day hustle and bustle.

The estate has a spacious tropical garden which can accommodate weddings and other functions. Cocoa is the main crop grown for sale which is in abundance on our tiny island and gave birth to two chocolate companies: Jouvay Chocolate and The Grenada Chocolate Factory.Guests are treated to a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and other produce which is grown on the estate.

I definitely look forward to spending the day..or two in one of their Nutmeg rooms, which has a very organic feel for a ‘lil R’n’R.

                    …….Stay tuned!

Welcome to….

Metallic potted plant

Double infinity pools with a fantastic view

Carib Stones

Nutmeg Rooms – wooden structure in the background, which were once storage for spice. Below are cocoa drying racks still in use. 

Great House – 70’s Drawing Room

Verandah. Love the wooden theme.

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