Documentary: Before The Flood

Before The Flood is a must watch starring Leonardo DiCaprio on his quest to sensitise the world on the effects of climate change and bring light to the monumental part we are playing especially the industrial world.

The most horrendous part of all this is that the people who have the power to implement protocols to slow down the process doesn’t even think it’s real. Some people see climate change as an issue that will simply work itself out, and ordinarily it would. But we are so far past the stage for reversing it’s effects.

Thankfully a lot of people are coming around and making sense of the science which will hopefully trickle up to the top.

The documentary shows you first hand live footage of the effects of climate change (if the sudden intense force and prevalence of hurricanes weren’t enough.)

Go watch it – even if you have to purchase because climate change is everybody’s business.

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