Millennials and Minimalism

In recent times, the double M’s – Millennial and Minimalist have received tremendous attention with regards to how their beliefs can significantly affect economic and social structures.

Millennial is a demographic classification which represents persons born between 1980 and 2000. Millennials or ‘Generation Y’ grew up in a time of rapid change with technology playing a key role. Globalization and the unstable economy has resulted in a drastic shift in ideals compared to previous generations. Priorities are different. Millennials are more career oriented, and the situation has left us in a position where we have to be innovative as a survival mechanism. The focus isn’t just the here and now….it’s 50 years from now. We’re in an innovative era driven by visionaries and the key is finding a way to harness all of the potential into something positive for future generations.

They not only promote and seek to attain a healthy lifestyle but are advocates for a healthy planet. This healthy mind set have had a tremendous impact on the economy in that there have been an increase in vegan markets & restaurants, exercise videos and equipment. People are realising that millennials are willing to spend money on keeping fit and eating healthier.

Minimalism is a movement which promotes conscious living. It prompts persons to examine their lives and reassess their priorities, focusing on the things that add value to their life. It helps one attain true freedom; freedom from the things that keep us in chains. There’s nothing wrong with having possessions but understanding they don’t define your existence or purpose. Idea of being more with less and building on that to attain a fruitful and meaningful life. The minimalist concept can be applied in different areas of life such as art.

Both concepts tie into being more conscious and not being consumed by the superficial things in life. Although we are a generation of consumers, we are not as prone to being ruled by it, instead finding ways to use it to our advantage.

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