Forensic Science: The Dream V Reality

Whenever people hear the word forensics they automatically link it to the TV series “CSI”. I more often than not give them the impression that its….something like that. The discipline I studied is Criminalistics and in my studies I did not have excess to the high tech analytical instruments that you see on TV. Most of our skills come from traditional practices which involves mostly manual work. Although it was tedious at times, I grew to appreciate how important details are.
We are only introduced to the modern system of forensic science when we enter the work field.
Criminalistics is the field aimed at the recognition, identification, individualization and evaluation of physical evidence by the application of natural sciences to law matters. Crime Scene Investigators have one of the toughest jobs if not the most. They have to ensure that all relevant evidence is collected and documented according to protocol. Any deviation from protocol can compromise the entire case resulting in no conviction.
It’s amazing the amount of factual information that can be derived from a tiny piece of evidence by employing the right techniques. The art of performing multiple analyses on a minute sample and still have sample remaining. Forensic Science has revolutionized the justice system particularly after the start of DNA profiling.
In essence it’s about gathering evidence without destroying it and analyzing without total consumption; connecting the dots, linking crime scene-victim-suspect.
In closing each case is unique which makes it intriguing.

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