Technology: Our Demise?

In the turn of the 21st century we have become extremely dependent on technological advances. Scientists are working tirelessly to develop the next great invention to make life easier but not necessarily better. Motivated by the intention of making a profit, we are negligent to the needs of our planet. We are slowly destroying the planet that sustains us, and instead of putting our resources into preserving it we seek to find ludicrous alternatives.

We are so determined to find short cuts and exploit an already broken system that we fail to realize that we are slowly but surely jeopardizing are intelligence. The things the people of antiquity accomplished without any technology is astounding, we still have yet to figure out how they built the pyramids.

Although we are making significant breakthroughs, we are abusing and misusing our findings. Repeated and improper uses of antibiotics are primary causes of the increase in drug-resistant bacteria. We aren’t the only clever entity evolving.

They are slowly replacing humans with robots which are going to lead to higher unemployment rates. Human intelligence cannot be completely replaced, nor the experience of human interaction. The popular use of computers, cell phones and other gadgets coupled with the invention of the World Wide Web has crippled face to face interaction. Children now seldom experience the joys of Mother Nature as they are too engrossed with the hype of gadgets. So how do we expect them to appreciate and care for the environment?

We fail to comprehend the ramifications of being dependent on technology; that the rate of change will exceed that of the rate of adaptation.

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