Modern Day Homophobia

In recent times the public fascination with homosexuality be it in support or against has intensified. Although the lifestyle has been around for centuries,  the discovery of HIV/AIDS and their openness have made them a target.

The passing of legislation making LGBT marriage legal in all 50 states in the US started an uproar amongst the Christians, religious fanatics and the convenient Christians who quote bible verses when aiming to add validity to their already prejudicial argument. It simply irks me when i think about the ignorance and down right stupidity of the public. It’s amazing how we are so quick to use our voices for negativity but when it’s for something positive we remain silent. Researchers have claimed that it lies in the genes, others go as far as to refer to it as a disease; an abomination. We judge and dismiss things we don’t understand without taking the time to research and reason. Regardless of your stance everyone should be treated humanely and have equal opportunities. At the end of it all, human rights trumps group rights.

FACT: Homosexuality is unnatural. If you want proof simply look at nature and the process of reproduction. It’s simple. No one is saying that you can’t have your opinions, but there’re just that…OPINIONS, it doesn’t give you the right to be judge, jury and executioner.

For most men, it seems like they feel the practice of homosexuality is an attack on their manhood and ego. It’s very interesting to see the reaction of some men who are otherwise extremely rational and logical act completely out of character when the topic is raised.

The whole dynamic of our society is changing and I get that people are very uneasy. The solution lies in breaking barriers and evolving as a species and continually finding ways to live in harmony, but most importantly it’s about LOVE. We need to show and teach our children Love, pure love. There are so many “parents” who leave their parenting up to society and the media and see the acceptance of homosexuality as a threat..God forbid they actually have to guide their children!

One of the rights homosexual couples believe they’re entitled to is to adopt kids, which to me is the most controversial aspect of the situation. In the best interest of the children, the cons by far out weigh the pros. Think about how the bullying by other children whose parents are heterosexual would affect the child psychologically. School already is a challenge in itself and being accepted into that environment is critical to the prosperous development of the child. They should be given  the opportunity to formulate their own opinions and make their own choices.

As for the people who hold jobs that require them to  issue marriage licenses for example,believe they’re obligated to decline an act that they’re paid to do because its against their religion is preposterous. Opportunists are using this as a way to get money and fame by playing the religion card.

For those who have been living a life plagued by sadness and pain because they couldn’t be themselves, I salute you. To the devoted Christians who take their faith seriously, your frustration is understood. Marriage is sacred and has historically been between a man and a woman, so I can understand their antagonism towards the matter. However I do not condone the constant verbal abuse and ill wishes upon them, my religion is love and I stand by it.


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