One In A Billion

We live on a beautiful planet, one of many yet we never stop to think about its vastness much less that of the universe. See, we’re just a tiny, negligible fraction of the universe; one in a billion stars, planets, galaxies…

Our planet is ideal for life, even in its simplest form it sustains us. Take for instance, the main star in our solar system, the sun, appears to be so close, yet its far enough to protect us from its temperature of 5500 °C but close enough to get adequate nourishment. One of the many things we take for granted. We’re so eager to find other habitable planets and colonize them when all we need is right here on Earth. We should embrace nature in all it’s glory and complexity, protect it not destroy it.

Now we may ask ourselves, what’s the purpose of all these components?….how are they connected? Is the universe infinite? And it goes on. Although our technological advancements have gotten us a long way, it leaves us with even more questions, perhaps that’s the way it ought to be, and it’s just a matter of putting things into perspective and not necessarily knowing the itty-bitty details.

What we can conclude is that we are not alone, whether you believe that non-earthlings contributed to building the pyramids or not, the universe speaks for itself. It would be a gross injustice and arrogant to believe otherwise.


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