Sweet Reggae Music

The term “Reggae” first originated around the 1960’s in Jamaica that had ties to the Rastafari community. Consequently, some of the worlds most famous Reggae musicians are Rastafarians and many of their beliefs are manifested through their music. During that period in Jamaica there was conflict driven by race; the segregation between the uptown and the downtown and immense political disorder fueled by a white/colonial  power struggle which in turn affected the rural communities through extreme violence and poverty. It’s no coincidence that topics such as political corruption, poverty and oppression are prevalent given the state of life of many in Jamaica and throughout the world. Reggae music played a significant role as a coping mechanism to the people. Although many think its exclusive to Jamaica, Reggae music has roots in the USA and Africa. As Reggae gained popularity world-wide, the styles evolved by fusing with other genres.

I have a weakness for Sweet Reggae Music, especially the love songs. No other genre can touch the soul like Reggae music; the varying sounds from Rocksteady to Roots Reggae popularized by producer Lee “Scratch” Perry and artist Bob Marley.

Reggae music is:

Conscious Music     Freedom Music    Warrior Music


My Top 5 Reggae Albums:

Bob Marley and the WailersEXODUS

Damian “Jr. Gong” MarleyHalf-Way-Tree

Damian “Jr. Gong” MarleyWelcome To Jamrock

Buju Banton‘Til Shiloh

Buju BantonInna Heights

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