Attitude of Gratitude

       Gratitude: It’s the moments of recognition, when our hearts and minds are conscious of our treasures and so act accordingly.

We need to have appreciation for the simple things in life and understand that we are fortunate and the little things we take for granted someone else is longing for.

You must Count Your Blessings.

From having good health, strength and endurance.
Family & friends who love you; a support system behind you.
A roof over your head, clothes on your back and every night there’s food on the table.
The opportunity to learn, to freely go about without the fear of being bombed.
Most importantly, we must be ever so thankful for life. It’s the greatest blessing.
Another day  brings another opportunity to not take for granted the things you did yesterday.
You must not let the pain and tragedies of yesterday shape tomorrow.
You were given free will and so you must choose to be positive and try your best to remain in that state of mind.

Have A Grateful Heart!


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