Rebellious Love

I wanna be your lover and bestfriend
The one you share your inner most thoughts and fears; a confidant
I wanna be your down a** chick, and feel your every joy and pain
On your worse day, be the only one you can bear.

We don’t have to be married, we can do it non-traditionally
like Cindy Breakspeare and Bob Marley.
I don’t need to be your one and only
All I ask for is your love, respect and honesty.

I’m not looking for the fairy tale ending;
with the white picket fence, dogs and the whole 9 yards.
I wanna have a part of you that’s ours
that genetically binds us for life.

I want being with you to mean much more than love;
Something life changing,
Give me inspiration, motivation and lifelong joy.

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