Take Care

Though the origin is not clear
Many have theorized about how Earth was made.
But through the billions of years
Many things have changed
Evolution clearly evident.

As time went by we became more technologically advanced
Scientific discoveries; made us oblivious to the problems we now face.
We went from manual labor to things being mass produced;
factories discharging toxic gases in the same air that we breathe.

With greenhouse gases rapidly polluting the atmosphere
the temperature of the earth increases everyday.
Causing our protective blanket to be slowly obliterated.

Let’s reduce the levels of fossil fuel burning and invest in renewable energy sources.
The presence of naturally occurring elements is one thing;
But when we produce CFCs, HFCs, PFCs; it becomes catastrophic.

Let’s stop the talking, procrastinating and get active.
Thinking someone else is going to do it
Would lead to a world full of educated fools.

Let’s take care of our planet so that many after us can see;
global warming is very real.
There’s so many little things we can do
But living in a capitalist society makes it anything but easy.

Re-blogged from my previous blog : http://www. ladywilliamsgd.blogspot.com

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